Raider Roost

2018-2019 SPMS Cafeteria Prices

Cafeteria Questions?
Contact Teresa Smith, Cafeteria Manager

Breakfast $1.25
Lunch $2.95
Entrees $2.25
Water $1.50
Tropicana Apple Juice $1.50
Milk $0.60
Smoothie 12 oz $2.25
Sparkling Water Izze $1.25
Baked Fries $1.00
Curly Fries $1.00
String Cheese $0.50
Big Cookie $0.70
Vegetable $0.75
Assorted Ice Cream $1.00
Coco Cherry Bar $0.75
Rice Krispies $0.75
Assorted Chips $1.00
Poptarts $0.75
Extra Condiments $0.40
Boom Boom Sauce $0.50
Dill Chicken Sandwich $2.75
Dill Chicken/Fries Combo $4.00
Chick-fil-A Sandwich $4.25
Zax Basket-2 Nibblers/3 oz Fries $4.25
Wrap Sandwich $4.00
Burger/Fries Combo $5.25
Wings $2.25
Chicken Tenders/Fries $3.75

Students can only charge a school lunch, not Ala Carte items. Thank you.

Switzerland Point Middle Policy for Charging Lunches

Students are encouraged to ask about their account balance, but are told verbally of a low or negative status of their account.
Absolutely no ala carte items can be charged.
Students who do not have the required payment will be allowed to charge up to two meals ($5.30). The charge will appear on the point of sale system.

If a student has an outstanding charge and does not have the required payment after two meals have been charged, the student will be served a cheese sandwich and a milk without prior notice.

If a student has an outstanding charge and has been provided a sandwich and milk after five instances, the student will not be provided any further meals without payment.

Use of the online payments system is recommended to alleviate any problems with student not turning in lunch money. This program gives you access to monitor what your child is purchasing and their account balance. The website is WWW.PAYPAMS.COM

To check your student’s Lunch Account go to