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SPMS First Days Back

Monday, August 20th will be a BLACK DAY. Tuesday, Aug. 21st will be a SILVER DAY. Wednesday, Aug. 22nd will be a BLACK DAY. Thursday, Aug. 23rd will be a SILVER DAY, and Friday, Aug. 24th will be a BLACK DAY. In the near future, the calendar on our website will list the Black/Silver Rotations.


  7th/8th Grade Open House-Tuesday, Aug. 28th 6pm

     6th Grade Open House-Thursday, Aug. 30th 6pm

Parents will have an opportunity to follow their child’s schedule as they meet teachers. On the night of Open House you will go directly to your student’s homeroom to collect their schedule. Please ask your child the name of their homeroom teacher and the room number and report to your child’s homeroom so we can begin promptly at 6:00pm with a video on Schoology.

There will also be an informational meeting for 8th graders interested in the Washington, D.C. trip from 5:15-5:45pm in the Auditorium before the 7th/8th grade Open House on August 28th.


Supervision is provided from 7:15am. When students arrive in the front loop via parent drop off they will follow the sidewalk to the doors by the band/gym area where they can enter into the school. They will then go to the cafeteria for breakfast or the gym until general release to homeroom.

In order to minimize classroom disruption, items dropped off for students (lunches, sports equipment etc.) will be reunited with them twice a day at the following two times:
At Lunch: Items will be sent to the cafeteria by front office.
At afternoon release: Students names will be called over the loudspeaker to collect items.

We are ready to make this a great year! Our planners reflect an important part of our school culture this year, our theme is “CHOOSE KIND”, and we thank the PTSO for assisting in the design of the planners. All students will receive a planner on the first day of school. We cannot wait to see you!



New student registration is completed by appointment. For more information on registering your student, please visit our Guidance Page: http://www-raider.stjohns.k12.fl.us/guidance/new-student-registration/. To set up a registration appointment, please contact Jennifer Schwall at 904-547-8627 or by email at [email protected].


SPMS 2018-19 6th Grade Supplies
SPMS 2018-19 7th Grade Supplies
SPMS 2018-19 8th Grade Supplies

SPMS 2018-19 Self Contained Access Points Supply List

eBooks at SPMS!

SPMS now has eBooks! Our eBooks are available through our library circulation platform Destiny. There is a link to Destiny on the SPMS Student Link page and on the Media Center webpage.

These digital books can be read on any computer, tablet or phone when connected to the internet. Books can also be downloaded to a device for use when not on the internet.

To find/use the books follow the steps on this attached document.

Students are also encouraged to read one of the 2018-2019 SSYRA books.



This site includes hundreds of interactive resources to support student learning in language arts, mathematics, science and civics. The site is readily available to the public and does not require a logon or password to access. The site is designed to support students outside of the school day. The resources are not meant to be used as classroom lessons or to replace classroom instruction.