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Important Information

Parent Drop Off and Pick Up

  • Morning drop off starts at 7AM. There will not be supervision before 7 AM so please do not drop your student off earlier unless they have arranged to meet with a teacher.
  • While waiting to pick up or drop off your student please be mindful of not blocking entrances to local neighborhoods or parking on their grass/private property. We want everyone to be safe while traveling and waiting.
  • Morning drop-off: Your student should be ready to get out of the car as soon as you enter the gate to the school. You may be directed to pull forward or to pull around the loop. Either way we ask that you pull all the way forward to the cone so we may keep the flow of traffic moving. If you pull around the loop we ask your students exit on the right and move into the grass at the right. In the morning, there will be no parking in the roundabout. This is for drop-off and thru traffic only.
  • The expectation is that students are in first period/homeroom by 725.
  • Afternoon pick up: Please be sure to pull all the way forward and have your student come to you so we may keep the flow of traffic moving.
  • The first few days of school we will be handing out signs for car riders to put in their window. We ask that you put your student’s name, nickname or a word that you and your student agree upon. We will be announcing whatever name or word you have chosen so your child knows to get to the car quickly.

Picture Day is August 17

Picture day is August 17. See the attached flier or go directly to the link to order. Your FALL PORTRAITS event at SWITZERLAND POINT MIDDLE SCHOOL is coming up. For details about this event, please click here.

Student Council

Anyone interested in running for 6th, 7th, or 8th grade Student Council office should get an application packet from the front office starting Friday, August 12. Application packets will be due August 30. There will be an interest meeting on August 18 after school in the auditorium until 2:45. Voting will take place September 13. If you have questions please email the corresponding grade level sponsor.

6th Grade Sponsor: Allison Cox: [email protected]

7th Grade Sponsor: [email protected]

8th Grade Sponsor: [email protected]

Most Recent Information

Important Message Regarding COVID Screening and Quarantine Information

REMINDER: Review the Health Questionnaire daily with your student. Students MUST stay home from school when they are ill, awaiting COVID-19 test results, or if anyone in the household is COVID-19 positive. Thank you for partnering with us to help protect the safety of all students and staff.

PARENTS: To report a positive case of COVID-19, please first call the Department of Health at (904) 506-6081 for guidance on next steps. Please contact the SPMS Clinic as well at (904)547-8628. To report a positive COVID-19 test result to the front office after hours, please call the school’s main number and leave a message.

For more information regarding COVID-19 school district procedures please visit Please visit the link below to find out more information on SPMS procedures. 

This site includes hundreds of interactive resources to support student learning in language arts, mathematics, science, and civics. The site is readily available to the public and does not require a logon or password to access. The site is designed to support students outside of the school day. The resources are not meant to be used as classroom lessons or to replace classroom instruction.

School Access

This is just a reminder that anyone (parent, guardian, neighbor, aunt, uncle, etc.) must have school access to attend an event at SPMS, including IEP/504 meetings. If you have not already done so, please complete the School Access Form. The process for approval may take up to 4 weeks, so please fill out the application sooner than later for anyone that would like to have school access. Once the application is approved, school access will be valid for three years.

FortifyFL App

FortifyFL is a website and app developed at the direction of the Florida Legislature. Any student, educator, parent or member of the public can report school safety concerns directly to law enforcement and school administrators anonymously and easily through the FortifyFL app or

School District News

2021-2022 Instructional Materials Adoption for Mathematics UPDATE

On February 8, 2022, the St. Johns County School Board voted to approve the list of recommended resources for adoption for Math. View the final list of approved resources. Florida Statute allows parents or residents of the county to object to the adoption of a specific instructional material. If you would like to contest the adoption of the Math resources, you must complete the Reconsideration of Instructional Materials Request Form and submit it to the SJCSD Instructional Resources and Media Services Department no later than noon on March 10, 2022.

Please visit our Instructional Materials Adoption web page to:

  • Access the math resources that are being considered for adoption.
  • Learn more about the policies and procedures for textbook adoption.

B.E.S.T. Standards Presentation

B.E.S.T. Standards PresentationThe purpose of the video is to provide parents and community members with information about the new B.E.S.T. Standards for English Language Arts and math. The video also explains the timeline for the implementation of the new standards.

View the B.E.S.T. Standards Presentation