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FAST and EOC Exams


Florida Assessment of Student Thinking (FAST) is set up as a progress monitoring model. FAST assessments are computer-adaptive tests taken on a computer. The questions get easier or more difficult depending on how the student responds, and each student will see different questions from a common item bank. Each progress monitoring test attempt (PM1, PM2, and PM3) will present items that will cover the entire test “blueprint,” meaning students will encounter items representative of the standards within the subject or grade level.  Students in Algebra or Geometry do not take the FAST Math assessment.

Progress monitoring 3 (PM3) dates have been announced (see below). Students will be told of their testing room by their 1st period teacher. Testing begins promptly at 7:30. Please encourage your child to do their best, bring a pencil, and eat a healthy breakfast.

Testing dates for PM3 are below:

  • 8th Grade – FAST Writing  – April 1
  • 7th Grade – FAST Writing  – April 2
  • 6th Grade – FAST Writing  – April 4
  • CIVICS EOC – May 2
  • 6th grade FAST ELA Progress Monitor 3 (PM3): May 3
  • 7th grade FAST ELA Progress Monitor 3 (PM3): May 6  
  • 8th grade FAST ELA Progress Monitor 3 (PM3): May 7
  • 6th grade FAST Math Progress Monitor 3 (PM3): May 9 (with flipped bell schedule)
  • 7th grade FAST Math Progress Monitor 3 (PM3): May 10 (with flipped bell schedule)
  • 8th grade FAST Math Progress Monitor 3 (PM3): May 13 (with flipped bell schedule)
  • Algebra/Geometry EOC – May 14
  • SSA (8th Grade and Acc. 7th Grade) and Biology EOC – May 16
  • Make up testing will begin after May 13.
      • 7thgrade students in Advanced Math will take the 8th grade Math FAST assessment for both PM2 and PM3 since this aligns best with the standards taught in the 7th grade advanced course.  
      • Students will be assessed on standards that will be covered over the entire curriculum and this progress monitoring tool will be used to guide teacher instruction so that students continue to make progress.

*Students enrolled in classes with an EOC will take the EOC but will not take FAST

*Students who are enrolled in 7th grade Accelerated Math will take 7th grade FAST in August, but then will take the 8th grade FAST in Dec as well as in May since this aligns best with the standards taught in this course.  

 Results will be available promptly

    • Teachers will have results almost immediately. 
    • Families will be able to view results in 2 weeks. Directions on how to access the results can be found here: Access to Student Results

What about the writing test? 

  • The writing test is a stand-alone test that is given only once a year.  It will not be part of the progress monitoring.  Its score will no longer be a part of the reading score. 
  • Narrative writing will eventually be a writing mode that could be assessed; it will not be one of the possibilities this year. 
  • This year, writing will be in April.
    • 8th Grade – April 1
    • 7th Grade – April 2
    • 6th Grade – April 4

View the parent letter containing information for FAST testing.

For more information on the test design, please visit the FLDOE’s B.E.S.T. Assessments web page.233