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As we near the end of the school year, I would like to remind you that your child’s medication should be picked up from the clinic by 6/2/2022.  School policy does not allow for medication to remain in the school over the summer.  Emergency medications may be sent home with your student, however any prescriptions such as ADD/ADHD medications, may not.  Please call the clinic at 904-547-8628 to make arraignments for pick up.   As you know, medication orders must be completed every school year whether your child remains in the same school or goes to another.  Please refer to the clinic website for the most up to date forms.

The clinic will be open August 8th & 9th, 2022 to accept the new forms and any medications.  Thank you, Nurse Kelly

Upcoming School Year

Students entering 7th grade next year will need to provide the school Guidance department proof of their Tdap vaccine before they can receive their schedule for the 2022-2023 school year. It is not too early to take care of this requirement. You can take your student to their private physician, the St. Johns County Health Department, or a walk-in clinic. If you choose to go to a walk-in clinic, a receipt will NOT be accepted as proof of the Tdap vaccine. The vaccine must be documented on a Florida shot record (FL – 680) and brought to school. If you have any questions, call Nurse Kelly at 547-8628.


St. Johns County Health Department

County Medication Policy

Medication Authorization form

Over the Counter medication form


Seizure Medical Management Plan

Allergy Medical Management Plan

CF Medical Management Plan

Cardiac Medical Management Plan

Bleeding Disorders Medical Management Plan

Asthma Medical Management Plan

The following is the proper procedure for allowing a student to carry non-prescription medication with them at school: 1. A completed non-prescription form must be on file in the clinic giving authorization from the parent for the student to carry a specific non-prescription medication. This form can be downloaded from the SPMS website or obtained from the clinic. 2.An adult must bring in the non-prescription medication the first time for approval by the Nurse.  If a refill on the same medication is needed an adult does not need to bring it in each additional time. 3.The student will carry with the non-prescription drug the completed non-prescription medication form.

Student Accident/Health Insurance Information
Student Accident/Health Insurance Enrollment Information