cooltext16488414522017-2018 Faculty and Staff

Kirstie Gabaldon [email protected] Principal
Wayne Beck [email protected] Assistant Principal
Stacy Stackhouse [email protected] Assistant Principal
Bradley Ponce
[email protected] Maintenance Coordinator  

Guidance Staff
Caryn Patterson [email protected] Guidance Counselor All 6th grade; 7th grade M-Z
Karen Luensman [email protected] Guidance Counselor All 8th grade; 7th grade A-L
Cynthia Dean [email protected] Testing Coordinator
Jennifer Schwall [email protected] Guidance Secretary

Support Staff
Kelly Brown [email protected] RN/Clinic – Room 123
Catherine Black [email protected] Media Para/Beyond the Bell
Cynthia Casper [email protected] Confidential Secretary
Kristen Badger
[email protected] Media Specialist
Elizabeth Frye [email protected] ILC
Teri Jacobs [email protected] Band Parapro
Norma Miller [email protected] Computer Operator/Attendance
Ben Lewis [email protected] Technology Support Specialist
Kathleen Roberts [email protected] Front Office Staff
Kelly Rose [email protected] Dean’s Office Secretary
Terri Smith [email protected] Cafeteria Manager
Cheryl Terry [email protected] Copy Clerk
Marla Dahlenburg
marla.dahl[email protected] ESE Clerk

Kelly Abbatinozzi [email protected] Dean of Students
Amanda Eakins [email protected] Dean of Students

Language Arts Faculty
Melissa Bantum [email protected]  8th Grade
Kim Barker [email protected]  6th Grade
Carolyn Fagen [email protected]  6th Grade
Mary Geiger [email protected]  7th Grade  
Maritess Gibbs [email protected]  7th Grade
Kelly Gibian [email protected]  7th Grade
Beth Kessel [email protected]  8th Grade
Candace Montgomery [email protected]  7th Grade
Cindi Williams [email protected]  6th Grade
Michele Cohen [email protected]  8th Grade

Math Faculty
Miriam Amatangelo [email protected]  8th Grade
Katie Bennett [email protected]  6th Grade
Adam Cassano [email protected]  7th Grade
Gregg Laino [email protected]  6th Grade
Andrew Lloyd [email protected]  7th/8th Grade
William Lynch [email protected]  7th Grade
Tracey Lyons [email protected]  7th Grade
Deborah Robbins [email protected]  7th Grade/Algebra/Geometry Honors
Karen Smith [email protected]  8th Grade
Sherry Romeo [email protected]  6th Grade
Jennifer Wilkie [email protected]  8th Grade/Algebra Honors

Science Faculty
Katie Barnes [email protected]  7th Grade
Christine Gracy [email protected]  6th Grade
Stephen Pauly [email protected] 7th/8th Grade
Laurie Lee [email protected] 6th Grade
Sarah Lewis [email protected] 7th Grade
Marci Norton [email protected] 6th/7th Grade
Diana Puett [email protected] 8th Grade
Caitlin Ramsey [email protected] 6th Grade
Derya Singhsumalee [email protected] 8th Grade/Bio Honors
Chandler Stahle [email protected] 8th Grade

Social Studies Faculty
Dotti Anagnostou [email protected] 6th Grade/Gifted Elective
Tara Bishop [email protected] 8th Grade
Lisa Boyer [email protected] 6th Grade
Cheri Burnett [email protected] 8th Grade
Angelica Chaires [email protected] 7th Grade
Darlene Dowling [email protected] 7th Grade
Kimmy Jackson [email protected] 6th Grade Social Studies/7th ELA
Sharon Rizzuto [email protected] 8th Grade
Jessica Schulz [email protected] 7th Grade
Keith Tilford [email protected] 7th/8th Grade  
Connie Van Winkle [email protected] 6th Grade

Non-Core Classes & Electives Faculty
Stephen Grunick [email protected] 8th Grade ICT
Alexandra Hodson [email protected] Drama/TV Production
Meghan Jackowiak [email protected] 7th Grade PE
Jill Jones [email protected] 6th/8th Grade ICT
Kevin Millington [email protected] 6th/7th Grade PE
Claire Montesano [email protected] Art
Sarah Pascual [email protected] Art
Jeremy Price jeremy.p[email protected] Band/Guitar
Manuela Rodriguez [email protected] Spanish
Zachary Santoro [email protected] 6th/8th Grade PE
Terrance Singleton [email protected] 8th Grade PE
Christina Slack [email protected] 7th Grade ICT
Syndi Tow [email protected] 6th/7th Grade ICT
Sheri Worth [email protected] 6th Grade Critical Thinking
Laurie Zentz [email protected] Band

ESE (Exceptional Student Education) Faculty
Rosaura Dawson [email protected] ESE Parapro
Kirk DeVore [email protected] ESE Parapro
Mary Lou Epps [email protected] ESE Parapro

Janice Fallon [email protected] ESE Case Manager
Rachel Farris [email protected] ESE Case Manager/Learning Strategies
Debra Gregory [email protected] ESE Case Manager
Marla Carpio
[email protected] Speech/Language Pathologist
Michelle Joyner [email protected] Access Points Teacher
Stephen Mancini [email protected] ESE Parapro
Heidi Mitchell [email protected] ESE Parapro
Molly Pollinger [email protected] Access Points Teacher
Adam Rice [email protected] ESE Parapro
Ashley Swestyn [email protected] Access Points Teacher
Allison Tumbelty [email protected] ESE Case Manager/Learning Strategies


Under Florida law, e-mail addresses are public records. If you do not want your e-mail address released in response to a public-records request, do not send electronic mail to this entity. Instead, contact this office by phone or in writing.