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Rules and Procedures for the Swiss Point Media Center

The goal of the Switzerland Point Media Center is to promote a lifelong love of learning and reading by providing students and teachers with a variety of resources, training, and exploration opportunities. 

  • -Students can checkout up to three items at a time.
  • -Items are due two weeks from the checkout date.
  • -Items can be renewed as many times as needed.
  • -Students will visit the Media Center with their Language Arts class at least once every two weeks. 
  • -Students can visit the Media Center anytime during the school day with a signed planner and teacher permission.
  • -Our library services a wide array of ages and maturity levels. Some books in our collection are considered YA. These books may contain some mature content relating to language, violence or sexuality. Before checking out books labeled YA, a student must behave a parent permission form on file. These are distributed in the media center.