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Policies and Procedures for the Switzerland Point Media Center

The goal of the Switzerland Point Media Center is to promote a lifelong love of learning and reading by providing students and teachers with a variety of resources, training, and exploration opportunities. 

The Switzerland Point Media Center is open again for students.  Students will visit the Media Center twice a month with their ELA classes. Students can also visit the Media Center more frequently if they have a pass from any of their teachers.

SPMS students have access to electronic books, digital audio books, and research databases through Follett Destiny and World book Online. To check out an E-book or Audio book, simply go to SPMS Links for students page and click Destiny. Login with s# and school assigned password. Find a book you want that says “in”.

Policy Reminders

-Students can checkout up to two items at a time. (Only one SSYRA book at a time.)

-Items are checked out for two weeks but may be renewed as many times as needed

-Items should be returned to the book return in the Media Center or in the bin in front of the Media Center. 

-Our library services a wide array of ages and maturity levels. Some books in our collection are considered YA. These books may contain some mature content relating to language, violence or sexuality. Before checking out books labeled YA, a student must behave a parent permission form on file. These are available in the Media Center.

We look forward to seeing you in the Media Center!